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Australian International Space School (AISS)

The Australian International Space School was established in 1992 as the first Space education program in Australia.  It is a five day residential Space Science School specifically designed for students aged sixteen and seventeen who have demonstrated a keen interest and aptitude for Spaces Science related subjects, and is held annually in different States throughout Australia.



  • To provide an opportunity for young Australians to share their interests in Space Science.

  • To stimulate the interest of young Australian to pursue a career in the many fields of Space Science.

  • To enable Australian students to interact with International delegates with similar interests.

  • To expand the professional skills of educators in the fields of Space Science.

  • To assist in the development of State and Territory Space Schools.

AISS Program

AISS provides a high quality, rigorous educational program for attending students, which highlights Australia’s role in space science & technology, main topics in the program includes, astronomy, satellite and remote sensing, technology and Australia’s role in space development.

AISS is a fully residential space program with activities being held at institutions. Museums, observatories and space industry organizations.

AISS accepts up to 100 students each year including a number of international students and teachers.  Students are selected from applications submitted.

Those selected represent the elite of Australia’s secondary school science students.

To date AISS has hosted delegations from United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Ukraine and Hungary.

AISS also hosted the 1996 Young Astronauts International Conference, with over 300 students representing many countries in attendance, and was held in Sydney.

Each year AISS invites an NASA Astronaut to attend its school programs, past Astronauts include, Mission specialist Dr Paul Scully-Power, the first Australian in space, Shuttle Pilot Major Pamela Melroy, Commander John Young, Australian born Andy Thomas, also Dr Scott Parazynski and geologist Jim Reilly.




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